26 December 2011

Snow Muffin

Today we took Muffin to Snow World here in Hyderabad. After dozens of readings of The Snowy Day along with "snow" being one of her favorite sign language cards, we were curious to see how she'd react to real snow. Or at least the closest thing to real snow we're likely to see for a while.

It was not great. Mike is from New Jersey and I'm from Rhode Island so we've had our share of cold winter weather, but Muffin has lived her whole life in balmy Hyderabad. Our clothes were not warm enough for her and the clothes you rent from Snow World (aside from being a little gross and weird) were too big for her. She enjoyed the novelty for about two minutes before the cold started to bother her. I have to admit, it was colder than I expected it to be. And the rubber galoshes they make you wear, to keep street dirt from coming off your own shoes and onto the snow, do not keep your feet warm.

It was such a surreal experience that we'd like to go back when she's a little older and we're better prepared for bundling her up.

Early tomorrow morning we are heading north for a short winter holiday, where, after today's experience, I'm glad temperatures are expected to be unseasonably warm this week. 

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