23 December 2011

Travel Photo Friday: Bird Market, Hyderabad, India

It's hard to believe that a year ago when I went to the bird market to shop for our Christmas duck, Muffin snuggled into the Ergo and slept the whole time. Not this time. She was excited, yet thankfully kept a respectful distance from all the animals. We picked out a pair of ducks and this year, I guess my driver thinks I've hardened up to India life, so instead of coming back later for the "cleaned" ducks, we walked around the corner to, uh, the place where they "clean" them. Muffin wanted to watch. I made her wait outside with the goats. She was so happy and engaged throughout the whole process, from taking birds out of the cage in the market to taking them out of the cooler at home.

Muffin and this turkey were the same height.


Sitting on a bench, loving all the activity around her.
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Mivvy said...

I remember seeing these dyed chicks in Indonesia. The bird market in Antwerp, Belgium used to have then as well, but artificially coloured bird are no longer allowed.

Tracy Burns said...

That's one big turkey! Looks like a great place to explore, although I'm trying not to picture that adorable goat as someone's dinner


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