29 January 2012

Kite Festival Weekend

I can't believe the kite festival here in India was two weekends ago. Where have the last two weeks gone?

As I noted last year, January 14 is Makar Sankranti, which is a Hindu solstice-harvest-new-year festival. Different states and regions have different ways of celebrating the holiday. Here in Andhra Pradesh we have ceremonial burning, rangoli chalk drawings, decorated cows, and most importantly, kite flying. Last year we did not see a single kite, but we didn't really look too hard. Muffin wouldn't have appreciated the kites so we spent the day at home, running up to the roof every few hours but not seeing anything, rather than going to one of the parks.

This year I took Muffin to the kite-flying party at Mike's office and then a couple days later we went to one of the parks to watch hundreds of kites. It only took Muffin about one hour to pick up the word "kite" and it took her even less time than that to be perfectly delighted by them. She got bonked on the head a few times but she did not give up on her kite.

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MyStErY said...

yeah..hope she liked it...in india the same festival is celebrated in different style...


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