07 June 2012

Jet Lag Is Like Vacation Hangover

We arrived in Hyderabad early Tuesday morning after more hours of travel than I care to calculate. It was actually our easiest trip yet. We arrived at the airport in Providence, checked in with our extra baggage without hassle, received our boarding passes for all three flights, noted that all of our seats were together on all three flights, and got on the plane. For the longest flight, thirteen hours from Dulles to Dubai, Muffin slept nearly ten hours. Mike and I felt better than we expected to by the time we boarded the last flight to Hyderabad. And when we got home at five o'clock in the morning, all three of us fell asleep in our own beds. The easiness ended there.

Muffin has not been adjusting well to the time difference and the jet lag. With night and day being flipped, she's drowsy all day and night without actually wanting to sleep much. Mine and Mike's older, more experienced brains can rationalize jet lag but Muffin is confused. She's trying her best. I also think a stomach problem plagued her yesterday, which added to her discomfort. It seems to be plaguing me today.

Today I feel hungover. At one point during the night I woke up to relieve Mike of sleepless Muffin duty and I felt drunk. The headache I've had since we landed has finally disappeared, but I still felt fuzzy upon waking up this morning and all I want is coffee, water, and toast. (My gluten-free bagels survived the trip in my suitcase, so I have a few more days of toasty yumminess.)

Muffin starts school next week. I feel like we're in suspension for the next few days. We're not quite on vacation but we're not quite on a normal schedule, either.


Anonymous said...

I love that you call her Muffin! And I know what you mean bout jet-lag. Usually, once I get back to India I plan NOTHING for the first week. IT takes that long to really feel better. I call it the 'recovery week'. Wake her when you need to. She'll be cranky for sure but you gotta get her over the hump. Tracy!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Yup I always feel a little "hung over" when I am jet lagged! It's even harder with a Muffin!


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