19 June 2012

One of the Dangers of Getting Out of Bed

This morning, unlike yesterday morning, when my alarm went off at five o'clock I got out of bed, got dressed, and went out the door for a run. An easy three miles. But after a half mile, as I was passing a house I've run and walked by a hundred times, a dog ran out and bit me. I'd heard dogs barking, but there are always dogs barking. I was on the other side of the street so as not to bother the dogs that I know are always at that house. For some reason one of the dogs was spooked this morning and my usual stomping feet and yelling and waving didn't scare the dog off like it always has to dogs in the past. And no one seemed concerned about a dog barking and a woman screaming in the middle of the road early in the morning.

It's just a scratch. My ankle feels pretty bruised though. I couldn't turn around and go the short way home; that would have me passing the dog again. So I walked and then ran slowly along the next-shortest route home. Since my run was so short, just over two miles, I was home before Mike and Muffin were even awake.

I woke up Mike and asked him to take photos of the bite to email to the doctor, to see if I'd need to come in for a booster shot. I've had the rabies vaccination, but booster shots are supposed to be given after a bite. Yup, any breaking of the skin, even a little scratch, should be filed under "Better Safe Than Sorry." So I got one shot this afternoon and I'll get another one on Friday. I brought Muffin with me so she can see Mommy being brave and getting a shot; maybe she won't freak out quite as much at her next vaccination.

I am aware of the risks associated with running on the road in India and in many countries throughout the world. I'm not going to stop running. I'm not going to hide on a treadmill. I'm not going to drive to the park when it's only a mile from my home and I'm training for a half marathon so need the extra mileage anyway. I'm going to take the risks under consideration and decide that it's not likely I'll be bit again. One time in thirty-six years of playing and running outside isn't bad. I might start running with pepper spray while we're living in countries with a high risk of rabies.

I'm not setting my alarm tomorrow morning. I might even have a second glass of wine tonight. Dog bites -- even little ones -- warrant some rest and relaxation.


Natasha said...

That is so scary! We are heading to El Salvador where the rabies vaccine is recommended but not required. Definitely getting it though.

Emily said...

I am training for a half marathon as well, in Sri Lanka. I don't have a race yet. In fact, I am searching for one in the Asia area...trying to make a vacation out of it.

Emily said...

Oh, and sorry about the dog bite. We have a lot of dogs here in this area as well, it is something I worry about. However, most of the dogs here are REALLY mellow. However, you never know when one is going to change its mind and attack.

Stephanie said...

Natasha, definitely get it if it's available to you. I've heard from a number of people that the unvaccinated shots are really painful. We even have our daughter vaccinated already.

Emily, I was looking into the Bangkok marathon or half marathon last February but the timing didn't work out for me. Maybe next year. India has quite a few races, but I wouldn't recommend vacationing here from Sri Lanka! Usually the dogs are more afraid of me, but for some reason this one was on edge this morning. :(