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What I Eat

After a lot of consideration, I have decided to roll my gluten-free What I Eat blog into this one. Fitness and food go together, as well as food and culture in the places we visit and live. It's becoming difficult to run more than one blog, especially deciding which posts should go with food and which should go with other parts of my life. They should all go together!

I'll be leaving the blog up for reference and over the next few weeks I'll be reposting some of my favorite posts and links here at Where in the World Am I?. My gluten-free updates will still appear on Twitter and on my Facebook page.

Motivation Monday -- Clearing My Head

As I was trudging through the mud in the park yesterday morning I realized I need to re-evaluate a few things in my eating and fitness plan. I don't feel good, on a variety of different levels. I'm tired of the muddy paths and slippery roads. The rainy season won't be ending any time soon, though, so I need to start spending an afternoon or two on a treadmill. I feel like I never have any energy, so out with the cupcakes and alcohol (or, at least in much reduced quantities) and in with finding a juicer attachment for my blender and trying some green smoothies.

I was out attempting my long run on Sunday instead Saturday when I usually do them. At around four o'clock Friday afternoon the rain started and it was still going strong when my alarm went off on Saturday morning. I knew the roads would be a mess and the park would be even worse so I called a rain delay. The rain was still coming down at noon, so I started to worry about a rain delay on Sunday, too, thinking ah…

Sewing Room Friday

Many people know that along with running and studying, I like to sew. It's often what takes a backseat when I'm too busy doing those other activities though. I've realized that if I don't watch as much television, cull my Google Reader to the blogs I actually enjoy reading, and spend more time doing rather than Pinning, I can actually get a lot of things done in a day. So, Sewing Room Friday. Friday afternoons are a good time because I strive to finish my weekly homework assignments on Friday morning and since I do my long runs on Saturday, I'm not running on Friday. Even if I'm only in there for an hour or two once a week, I can get some projects done.

Today while Muffin napped I dusted off my sewing table, threw some fabric in the washing machine, and traced out the Oliver + S Seashore Sundress pattern to make some party dresses for Muffin. She has her own birthday party coming up and a friend's party. I should be able to make two dresses in the next cou…

Motivation Monday

I’ve been slacking in my training. I have a ton of excuses… Mike was out of town, our housekeeper/baby-sitter needed time off, Muffin’s school was closed, I just didn’t feel like getting up early some mornings. I even skipped a long run a couple weeks ago. I have a mental block about going over ten miles. Part of it is mom guilt. My long runs are taking longer and Muffin is waking up immediately after I leave in the mornings. Saturday mornings are long and exhausting for everyone. Part of it is boredom with my running routes, but I have few choices. I’m trying to enjoy just being outside, but that doesn’t do it for me every day.

On Friday I was not running, not doing homework, and not eating properly to fuel for a Saturday long run. I was reading stupid inspirational quotes on Pinterest. But those stupid quotes got me up and out of the house Saturday morning because I felt guilty about wasting all that time and then not doing anything about it. Well, I did something. Whatever gets me…