16 July 2012

Motivation Monday

My Pinterest guilty inspiration for the week.
I’ve been slacking in my training. I have a ton of excuses… Mike was out of town, our housekeeper/baby-sitter needed time off, Muffin’s school was closed, I just didn’t feel like getting up early some mornings. I even skipped a long run a couple weeks ago. I have a mental block about going over ten miles. Part of it is mom guilt. My long runs are taking longer and Muffin is waking up immediately after I leave in the mornings. Saturday mornings are long and exhausting for everyone. Part of it is boredom with my running routes, but I have few choices. I’m trying to enjoy just being outside, but that doesn’t do it for me every day.

On Friday I was not running, not doing homework, and not eating properly to fuel for a Saturday long run. I was reading stupid inspirational quotes on Pinterest. But those stupid quotes got me up and out of the house Saturday morning because I felt guilty about wasting all that time and then not doing anything about it. Well, I did something. Whatever gets me out the door, right?

Instead of throwing in the towel on running, I think I’m going to sign up for a second half marathon, extending my training into September. Racing opportunities don’t come to Hyderabad often so I want to take advantage of as many races as possible to keep me motivated. As long as I don’t plan on breaking any records – which I don’t for the rest of my time here – I can plod along for thirteen miles twice, four weeks apart.

I’ve started up my online master’s classes again but I’m still finding some time for fun reading. I’m reading a lot of running and nutrition books, but I do love hiking adventures as well. I haven’t yet done my annual reading of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods but last month I read both Up: A Mother and Daughter’s Peakbagging Adventure and Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. I’d love to do some hiking adventure like that some day. But for the time being, I’m planning on Muffin and me and 25 Walks in Rhode Island. My parents had the book when I was growing up; I ordered a used copy from Amazon for about five dollars so I can start thumbing through it for ideas.

Which brings me to my next piece of news. Next year, we will be taking a short hiatus from overseas life and spending a year in Rhode Island. I think Muffin and I can handle twenty-five walks during that time. She loves the outdoors and I’m looking forward to sharing my childhood stomping grounds with her. I’m also looking forward to walks on the beach, road races, kayaking, and all the comforts of home. I really wanted to stay overseas longer before heading back to the United States, but Rhode Island for a year won’t be so bad.

While I'm out running the city here and feeling down, I'm trying to focus on my twenty-five walks with Muffin next year.


Clare said...

It's hard to get out there when its so dang hot. But keep going!!! When you get back to RI, I will sign up to run a half marathon with you! I need some motivation myself.

Stephanie said...

Great! I look forward to running with you!


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