14 November 2012

Happy Diwali!

It's Diwali time again! India's Salute to Fireworks, er, Festival of Lights. I've gotten so used to the fireworks (this is our third Diwali) that I'm a little sad this is our last holiday here. Next year Muffin and I will be making laddu and rangoli in chilly Rhode Island November weather and we will most likely not be lighting any fireworks. (Maybe I'll pick up a few after Fourth of July and save them...)

We did not have the same fireworks extravaganza that we had last year. We declined invitations to several parties because I've had a cold and Muffin hasn't been sleeping well. My mom is arriving on Thursday so we are in preparation mode while trying to nap as much as possible. It was a quiet holiday at home. We took our traditional holiday walk around the neighborhood to view the rangoli and our housekeeper made a rangoli at our house. We also made laddu with our housekeeper, the traditional sweet made of lentil flour, ghee, and sugar. (I'm having some laddu and tea right now.) We finished off the day by going to our rooftop patio to watch the fireworks from around the city.

Around the neighborhood:

At our home:

Happy Diwali! May your days be full of light and your nights be full of sleep, if you need it.


David Moon said...

Yay! Happy Diwali! I can't wait to experience the holiday first hand. My wife is already a little nervous about all of the fireworks, and I'm sure our dog will love them :-P The pictures I've seen are incredible!

Dani said...

Love the rangoli, so beauitful! We definitely need to do some of our own next year!