05 November 2012

H'bad Anniversary

Two years ago today we landed in Hyderabad. It was the first night of Diwali and we had quite a welcome, driving from the airport to our new (temporary) apartment with fireworks going off along the route.

This is the longest Mike and I have lived in one place, I think since college, aside from a stint in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

The biggest change over the last two years is our little Muffin growing from this:
Muffin turned three months old on our first full day in H'bad.
to this:

Muffin, a few days short of the two-year anniversary and twenty-seven months old.
It's funny, thinking that life will be relatively normal to Mike and me once we're in the United States, but to Muffin it will be completely foreign. She's lived here her whole life.

We have a few months left. I hate the feeling of counting down but we have been examining our India to-do list and have to figure out when to fit it all in. 

I put a bottle of champagne in the fridge (still have a few bottles left from our household shipment two years ago!) for after Muffin goes to bed tonight. I think that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, and two years here is worth celebrating.

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Natasha said...

Congrats on this milestone! (I am catching up on my blog subscriptions.)

I like your attitude of "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere." Although I am new to FS life, I think there are a lot of challenges. But they always make you stronger!