25 November 2012

Motivation Monday -- One Holiday Down...

Thanksgiving was easy. We were on the road so there was no giant home-cooked turkey with side dishes and desserts. We were on the road in India so there was no restaurant serving turkey and all the fixins' either. But my first week of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge wasn't the greatest. I knew it wasn't going to be, knowing we'd be on the road. We walked quite a bit but I didn't bring my Garmin so I'm doing a conservative estimate of one mile per day; we weren't running 5Ks but we weren't exactly sitting on the couch watching television all week, either, so I want some activity accounted for. I didn't reach my seven servings of fruits and vegetables per day until we got home. (I got them in on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.) I was careful not to over-indulge in sweets and fried foods; I ate fresh fruit whenever it was available to me, mostly bananas and papaya, and I'd brought dried fruit and nuts for snacking on. Fresh vegetables are a little iffy in India so I avoid them when they don't come from a trusted kitchen, which means I didn't eat any while on the road.

Lululemon water bottles from Pinterest
We came home to find our kitchen freezer partially defrosted. Most of the expensive meats were in the deep freezer in the storage room, which was fine. The kitchen freezer was full of my pre-chopped fruit for smoothies, soup stocks, fruit purees for muffins,  tomato sauce, and vegetable soups -- all the healthy things I'd hoarded away to help me through the first few weeks of the challenge. It also had the duck we'd planned on having over the weekend in lieu of a Thanksgiving Day turkey.

I'm looking forward to Week 2. I have some treadmill time scheduled. I have a huge shopping list (partially on account of restocking the freezer) and a meal plan. I'm going to hold off on my Christmas baking for a few days, until I've got my healthy routine back on track.

Week 1 Points:
Monday: Walking -- 1 point
Tuesday: Walking -- 1 point
Wednesday: Walking -- 1 point
Thursday: Walking -- 1 point
Friday: 7 servings -- 1 point, Facebook check-in -- 1 point
Saturday: 7 servings -- 1 point, Facebook check-in -- 1point
Sunday: 7 servings -- 1 point, Facebook check-in -- 1 point

Total Points for the Week: 10

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jillconyers said...

You had a great week all things considered. Traveling makes it tough. Here's to a fitness and veggie filled new week :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks Jill!

David Moon said...

It's tough to stay healthy when you have to break your routine. I wish I had a cool excuse like travelling through India as to why I didn't exercise much over Thanksgiving week :-P Oh well. A new week brings another chance to get back on a healthy track. Good luck from here on out in the Bootie Buster!

Stephanie said...

Thanks David! You can use this excuse next year.

Holly Johnson said...

You did really good considering all the traveling and your freezer. Here's to hoping Week 2 is a little easier and you have access to trust worthy kitchens! Have a great week!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Holly!