07 January 2013

Motivation Monday -- HBBC Final Chapter

It's the end of HBBC. I didn't exactly end on a bang. I ended with a decent mileage week, compared to the previous weeks. I ended with my dental thing fully healed and with not actually getting sick even though I feel like I'm continuously just on the edge of having a cold. I ended with not taking advantage of cooler weather when I should have because the days are getting warmer now. I ended by signing up for two months of yoga classes (starting tomorrow), signing up for a 5K here in Hyderabad in February and a half marathon in Providence in September. Training for the half marathon begins a couple weeks before we move from India to the States, so I'm sure it won't be hectic at all. Until then, I'm working on base mileage.

I'm working on my One Little Word for the year in lieu of a resolution. I'm not going to share my word, but it's helped me through some tough times already. India has been kicking my butt lately and oddly, working out and running have been relatively simple and a constant, reliable thing. If I choose to relive some of the negative stuff, it will be in other posts, at other times.

Thirteen points this final week, for mileage and Facebook check-ins.

To cheer myself up, I cleaned out my closet and replaced some of the clothing with new running clothes, specifically, shorts that I can wear when we set foot in the States this summer.

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Suz and Allan said...

I can't believe HBBC is over. I need to do some reorganizing in my closet as well.