18 January 2013

Oh Nose!

This is not a running-related post or an India-related post. This is a two-tired-parents-of-a-sick-toddler post. Just warning you now. It's not gross; just parental.

The plague has hit our home and so far it has hit Muffin the worst. When she has a stuffy nose, she says she's feeling "nosy." We've had that nosy feeling all week long. It started with a little head congestion and has moved into a full-on runny nose and cough. She never actually had a fever and didn't seem over-tired, so after Monday and Tuesday being school holidays, I sent her back to school for the rest of the week. She seems pretty overcome by the cold now, though, and has been sad and snuggly since I picked her up today.

Mike and I are just plain exhausted, me to the point where I'm collapsing at bedtime and not hearing when Muffin wakes up coughing at night. Mike's been doing all the middle-of-the-night medicine giving and humidifier refilling, which I am so grateful for. According to my dailymile profile I ran three miles this week but I don't even remember doing it. On Tuesday I was feeling unusually warm and exhausted, and low and behold, my temperature was higher than usual. Not really a fever, but high enough that I was really worried about getting sick and put the brakes on the whole day. We sat on the couch watching TV and dozing. And that's the day Mike came home from work, put Muffin to bed, and then collapsed into bed himself at 8:00 pm. I think that's the only night in the last week that Muffin has slept all the way through.


That leaves me not really knowing what to write next, so here are some photos of Muffin with her kite. Last weekend was the kite festival and Muffin had some fun before she got sick.


Nomads By Nature said...

Being sick is not fun, but being sick and exhausted is just horrible. Hoping you all get the rest that you need to beat the congestion visiting your home. And lots of soup!

mod mom beyond indiedom said...

Thank you for following me! You have a beautiful website and I think it's amazing that you live in India! my husband is part Indian. I hope Muffin feels better soon!