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And I Thought Our Case of the Mondays Was Bad

I don't even remember now what happened on Monday to prompt me to write the Facebook status, "This family as a serious case of the Mondays." (By the time I finished writing this post, I remembered. In the hour between Mike leaving for work and Muffin leaving for school, Mike lost his wallet and Muffin simultaneously peed on the floor and spilled strawberry-banana smoothie on the dining room table. From 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning is a magical time of day in our house.)

This morning on the way home from dropping off Muffin at school, I noticed a person laying on the ground with another person standing over him or her and our driver pointed out that it was a woman being beaten by a man. I wanted to stop and help. I think he wanted to stop and help. But instead I asked him to call the police and report it. I knew it probably wouldn't do much good, but I didn't think my stopping would have helped the situation much, either. She probably would have just been beaten even more later on. I was torn up all morning about not doing more. I hate feeling so helpless. I can't help thinking, though, that if the reports keep coming in then eventually the police will have to do something.

After lunch and after Muffin went down for her nap, I was reading in the living room when our housekeeper limped in, crying. She'd slipped in the laundry room and had severe pain in her hip / lower back / tailbone area. I gave her an ice pack and some Tylenol and told her to sit or lie down for a few minutes, whichever was more comfortable. By the way she was crying and wincing I was afraid she may have actually broken her tailbone. It became evident that even if nothing was broken, she was uncomfortable and didn't have the physical ability to baby-sit Muffin later this afternoon when I went out for my dentist appointment. I told her our driver could take her home. But she couldn't stand up. So I had our driver take her to a local hospital for x-rays. The driver and I had to carry her down to the car. Thank goodness Muffin was napping and didn't have to see all of that. The driver is staying with her until someone from her family can join her.

I'd really like to crack open a bottle of wine right now and throw in the towel on this day, but there's still the matter of my dentist appointment. I was able to push it back from 3:00 to 6:00 in hopes that Mike will be home in time to stay with Muffin. It's the fourth, and hopefully final, visit of a multi-visit root canal. Real fun. It might hurt less and I'll be more relaxed if I've had a drink or two, but it somehow feels inappropriate.

And there was no hot water for my shower.

And  Top Gun was on TV and I turned it on just in time to see Goose die.

I should have known what kind of day this was going to be when two Smiths songs in a row came up on the iPod shuffle this morning.


Linda Roy said…
Ha! Two Smiths songs means go directly back to bed!
Yeah, I'd say you had a pretty crummy Monday. I hope you got to have that wine. And I'm sorry about the multi visit root canal. Ow! I'm glad you came to commiserate on the Monday hop!
Suz and Allan said…
Yuk, what a rough Monday. Hopefully this past Monday was much better.
Stephanie said…
Thanks Linda and Suz and Allan!

I still haven't had the wine due to being sick, but I'm feeling and looking forward to some tonight!

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