24 February 2013

Lose Weight Fast, the Cold and Flu Way

I feel like I don't run this body lately.
Image from the mile-posts blog and pinterest.
Take a cold that's so bad that all food tastes awful and my throat hurts so much I can't swallow anyway, a molar without a crown, and add a little bit of E. coli and you have the perfect way to drop those last few pounds before summer! Never mind all the running, yoga, and ab workouts I'd planned. A pair of shorts that was too tight two weeks ago fits perfectly now. And summer comes early in the year in Hyderabad. In just a couple weeks we'll be approaching 100-degree days and Muffin's play group will start meeting at the swimming pool at one of the hotels where Western bathing suits are not frowned upon. All of this could not have come at a better time to get me into bathing suit shape.

I still have the same nasty cold as last weekend although it's less nasty now. On Sunday I ran a little bit on the treadmill, finally feeling more bored than sick. On Friday night, though, my sore throat had gotten so bad that I couldn't eat, talk, or even move my head from side to side.

And yes, I said E. coli. It was found in our water distiller last week. Not all strains cause the violent food poisoning symptoms so we were lucky to avoid that. However, when I reached out to other distiller owners I learned that it can be the source of a "general malaise," which we have definitely had in this household for a few weeks. Not quite sick, but feeling yucky all the time. I'm feeling less yucky since I stopped drinking from that distiller on Thursday.

Since the root canal, my tooth still doesn't have a crown. I'm not sure of the exact reason but I suspect they wanted my cold to clear up before I went around breathing all over the office and people stuck their fingers in my mouth. That makes sense. I've had the permanent filling in for over a week now and the tooth feels fine. Frankly, I've been too stuffed up and had too sore of a throat to contemplate sitting in the dentist's chair any time soon.

Every time I try to do yoga, my sinuses start pounding when I put my head down, so I'm taking the rest of the month off from my classes. I'll start up again in March. Our housekeeper should be back to work this week so I can get out to the treadmill a couple times while she baby-sits Muffin.

I hope that we can only get better from here. We need a few weeks of good health and activity before the summer heat saps us of all our energy.


Anonymous said...

It's terrible that you are going through that. I hope you get well fast and no other health problems pop up. I myself am a stomach flu away from my targt abs (yeah right, lol). The Norovirus has hit us hard here int he East Coast and my family and I have been recovering since.

Annie said...

Sorry that you are feeling sick. So glad you stopped by my blog so that I can now start following you. Excited to read your tales of India. Get well soon.

Becky said...

Man, you guys have had quite the run of illness. I hope this is the end of it and that summer at least brings healthy time. Thinking of ya.

Pancho, Legs, and Thumper said...

Bummer Stephanie! It seems like everyone has been sick around here lately. Luckily, we seem to be avoiding it. I hope you start feeling better soon, and you get rid of that E. Coli in your water distiller!!!

We'll have to go on a run sometime. It seems kind of weird that we still haven't met, and I've been in Hyderabad for a month now.