02 June 2013

Half-Marathon Training Starts Today

Posted to Badass Writing. The caption is "The person 
who doesn't scatter the morning dew will not comb 
gray hairs." - Hunter Thompson. At first I thought it 
meant that you need to wake up early and do something. 
Then I thought it meant you need to sleep in. Either 
way, I like this photo of one of my favorite authors.
I'm starting my half-marathon training today. According to the plan I'm using, I actually don't need to start for a couple more weeks but in mid-July things will get very hectic when we pack up and move to the United States. I'll do the first two weeks of the plan and then repeat them, hopefully giving me a solid base so I won't be totally derailed later. Plus I need the focus right now. Too many things are up in the air and I feel paralyzed with not knowing what to do with it all; I'll end up staring at the computer screen instead of running (or writing) if I don't have mileage goals on my calendar.

Yesterday I did a lot of cooking and meal planning so that my eating will be on track this week. To celebrate the first day of training I made fresh gnocchi and tomato sauce for dinner last night. I also made banana-peanut-butter muffins to snack on and I soaked beans for making chili this afternoon. We stopped at a veggie market yesterday and brought home quite a haul. I have my own and my housekeeper's cooking assignments planned out for the week. Muffin is on summer holiday for one more week so she'll accompany me to the grocery store tomorrow morning to stock up on the chocolate soy milk we both love. I love training eating.

Three easy miles at sunrise this morning, whether that's what Hunter Thompson meant or not.


Victoria Mason said...

After doing a humid, 90 degree 8k this weekend I'm so off the idea of a half-marathon. I'm signed up for one more race this year but I feel a bit of the fever coming on. The fact that my father just started running and racing has me motivated too.

Stephanie said...

Join me for the half in Providence! September 30.