10 June 2013

Long Runs and Sugar-Free Consideration

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It's Motivation Monday and it's an off day. We stayed up late on Friday night eating steak and drinking wine and I did not wake up early on Saturday morning for my long run. I did it on Sunday instead and was so tired all day long that I decided on a rest day today. Tuesday is a running and yoga day so I'll more than make up for it.

My "long run" for the next couple of weeks is only six miles and yesterday I eased into long run running with 5.3 miles. I've been doing three-milers a couple times a week but rarely any longer; I really feel like I need to start from scratch with the long runs so that I don't injure myself or get sick. I was talking to a friend about goals for the half marathon (she signed up to do it too, yay!) and I said that since last year I got sick and missed both the half marathons I trained for, if I show up at the starting line healthy, that's a PR for me. So that's the goal for this year: Stay healthy and complete 13.1 miles in any amount of time.

I have to be very particular about my running, eating, and sleeping on the days when I have control over those things because there are going to be a few days when I don't have control. Like the thirty hours we'll spend on flights between Hyderabad and Newark.

On the menu for this week: There's a big pot of chili simmering away on the stove right now and cornbread muffins will be going into the oven as soon as Muffin wakes up from her nap and helps me make them. Mango season is ending so I'm desperately getting as much as I can into the freezer to get us through the next couple of weeks until we leave. I also have a case of gluten-free oatmeal and a case of Corn Chex cereal for Muffin and I to eat through in the next month.

Since I'll be starting fresh with an empty pantry in a few weeks, I'm considering this How To Go No-Sugar plan, at least the first step or two. It seems more realistic and do-able than plans that tell you to throw everything away and go cold-turkey. Has anyone tried this plan or other no-sugar plans? I love sugar. I don't know that I want to give it up completely but I feel like I should definitely cut down on it considerably. If I can satisfy the cravings with other foods then that would certainly be healthy for me.

Alcohol is a sugar, so what happens to wine in a sugar-free life?


Anonymous said...

I had to cut out sugar for a month before a surgery and a month after. I was only allowed perfectly balanced protein shakes.

After I started back on a regular diet even a sliver of cake felt overly sweet and far too sugary for me.

I use this as evidence that humans are now addicted to sugar in ways we shouldn't be.

Try sticking to natural sugars like fruit and honey and be happy with that type of change.

Victoria Mason said...

Drink bourbon? I kid. I don't know I usually eliminate sugar and use natural stuff a few times a year but that does mean giving up alcohol too. Or I add it back in the last week. Ha.