24 June 2013

Moving Panic Officially Begins Today

Image from Threadless
The craziness before moving begins for real this week. Dentist, eye doctor, Muffin's pediatrician. A few last pieces to bring in for framing. A chair or two for re-upholstering. Lunches and coffee dates to say "good-bye" to friends. The movers come two weeks from today and we fly out a couple days after that. I'm not that worried about the actual packing. The movers will do all the physical labor for us and whether it's in our suitcases, air shipment, or boat shipment, everything will all get back to us eventually.

I'm panicking over what happens after we're packed up. We are having trouble getting new U.S. driver's licenses. The hotel I wanted to stay in is booked so I had to choose another location that's slightly less desirable. It feels like all our "free" weekends between July and October are all booked up already. I need to find a house to live in. I need to get Muffin into preschool. Some of these things I can't do until we land in the United States, but that's not stopping me from worrying about getting a game plan in place.

I woke up feeling sniffly this morning. Muffin's had a slight cold all weekend and Mike is a bit under the weather as well. We are kicking into "just getting by" mode.

I'm trying not to let yoga and running fall by the wayside over the next few weeks. My mind has been wandering more than my legs lately, though. I'm sick of the park. I'm tired of the treadmill. I'm anxious to be back in the United States where I can wear my shorts not just for running at the gym, but any time I leave the house, whether it's for running, going to the grocery store, or anything else.


Suz and Allan said...

Good luck with the move and all that it entails!

Tarana Khan said...

There's no place like home, is there? Hope your move is smooth and stress-free. Thanks for stopping by my blog!