30 June 2013

The Auto-Rickshaw Bed in the News

Through a friend of a friend who works at a local newspaper in Hyderabad, the auto-rickshaw bed became big news. This week the article was published, including interviews with us and with Eimor Customs, the guys who built the bed for us: All for the smile... It was priceless!

If you ignore how they changed my quotes to be Indian English, the only thing they got wrong was noting Mike as a writer and editor, not me. Otherwise it's a fun and funny article about the project.

For more information and photos on how we turned an auto-rickshaw into a bed, see my posts with the auto-rickshaw tag.


brenda said...

What a great idea. Looks fabulous and fun. I was in Hyderabad a few years back and was terrified of the drivers. I was convinced I would met my death on the road.

Stephanie said...

And we find the Hyderabad drivers are tame compared to other cities in India!