17 October 2017

What Are You Doing, Post-Weinstein?

I’ve read so many articles and opinion pieces and just plain old Facebook rants over the last week or so. It’s confusing. It's rage-inducing. It’s hard to know what is the right way to fight misogyny, to expose a culture of sexual harassment, or to make others aware that it’s even happening.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

  • Keep talking to my child about consent.
  • Keep talking about these issues with my husband because he is an ally in all this.
  • Keep writing blog posts on my thoughts. Keep sharing relevant articles on Facebook and Twitter.
  • I will not engage in fruitless "debate" on social media that will do nothing but raise my blood pressure and not change the mind of a jerk.
  • Read books in public, real books, so people can see the covers. Even if they don’t stop and make conversation about it maybe they’ll file it away to read themselves.
  • Write reviews for books, movies, tv shows, and podcasts. Is there a rape scene or other violence against women that moves the plot or is it there just to have a violent scene for entertainment? How are women portrayed? How are men portrayed? Does it make me happy as a consumer of entertainment?
  • Write reviews for businesses and services. Was I treated with respect? Did I receive the goods or services I needed?
  • Try to be brave enough to call out misogynistic comments and behavior among friends and a acquaintances more often. This is the hardest part but probably the most important.
  • Say, “Thank you,” to the other women and the men who do call out this behavior. Maybe there is no right way or wrong way.

I will change this list as I go on. It’s trial and error to see what works best for me and my community, and that might be different from what others feel works best or what others are comfortable doing. I can’t sit quietly anymore.

What are you going to do?

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