20 July 2007


According to an extremely scientific poll, if I were a lolcat I'd be this one. (High scores for affection and hunger; low score for excitability.) I don't really get lolcats or the popularity of the whole lol-phenomenon of putting bad captions on stupid pictures. I think the cat is cute though.

We had quite a wake up call this morning. Earthquake at of 4.2 magnatude at 4:42 am. It was one of those quick jolting ones. We rolled over and went back to sleep. Over in Oakland, though, some windows are broken and the power is out for some people. BART is running late. Apparently it was a shallow quake which is why the shaking was so "violent" and felt over such a widespread area.

I've only had a few sips of coffee. Not nearly enough to make me functional for post writing.

Oh, and speaking of cats, we're interviewing a pet sitter for while we're out of town. The kennels are expensive and I'm afraid Ellie will be transported back to her shelter days and de-civilize to the ultra-mean kitty we brought home so many years ago. (She's only slightly, occassionally mean now.) I'm sure Grendel would love nothing more than to be locked in a box for 3 weeks and left alone to sleep, but he'd also be pretty cozy in his own home.

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