18 July 2007

more travel stuff

Yesterday I received an email from a distant cousin in Poland: "When you will arrive to Zakopane you will stay in our/family house 'Koisowka.'" This is Koisowka:

Looks pretty neat. It's a bed and breakfast sort of place, with 8 rooms I think. It seems to be well located between the town center and the Tatra National Park, the 2 things we want to see in the 2 days we'll be there. We're very excited. (Obviously. I think I say and/or post that at least 3 times a day.)

Tonight we're planning on luggage shopping. We're trying to decide between suitcases or backpacks. There are some cities where we'll only have a few hours' layover so backpacks will be easy to stuff in a locker while we walk around. And I hate dragging wheeled suitcases around, especially on and off busses and trains. But the suitcases are sturdier and are probably easier to pack and keep organized. We'll see. I want to pack light since so much traveling will be going on over the course of the 3 weeks.

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