15 October 2007

I don't have TB! And other news

Yesterday for the third day in a row I was at the doctor's office. This time to have someone look at my TB injection site. It had turned all red and bumpy, like a rash, but not itchy. I had no idea what they look for in the TB test, but it's apparently not little red bumps. I also needed to argue that "Yes, I do need a chest x-ray." I have the medical clearance forms right in front of me that say "chest x-ray." The doctor says I don't need it. Well, look, you're not paying for it, so what do you care if I get one? Just give me my referral please, so I can get it done and finish filling out my forms. Today might be the fourth day in a row I'm at the doctor's office, but I wouldn't mind a day off. If I can do the x-ray tomorrow, that would be good.

In other news, my mom arrives tomorrow night for a week-long visit. In between all these doctor's visits I'm trying to clean the house.

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Whimspiration said...

Good luck with cleaning house!Being really busy always puts a huge dent in my cleaning-time budget.


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