08 October 2007

like coaxing a shy little bunny

Shhhhh. Slow and steady. Don't make any sudden movements or loud noises. Don't watch too hard. Remain calm and patient.

The Red Sox are creeping up. Round one under their belts.

Try not to get hopes up. But how can I resist?
For those who believe in omens, Boston's World Series championship run in 2004 also began with a three-game sweep over the Angels. (From Sox punch ALCS ticket with sweep)
Thus, the beginning of a very stressful month for me, as I restlessly flip channels back and forth, checking scores. Hardly daring to watch, covering my face with my hands and peeking through.


Anonymous said...

Why is babseball such a nail biter? Well, I guess that's the alure of the game. You want to watch, but can't bare the drama sometimes...especially when our beloved Red Sox are so close. Real afficianados understand this and remember when baseball was the only sport anyone really cared about.
Another member of Red Sox Nation

Vicky said...

Teaching T.D. to say Red Sox! Go Sox! Red Sox Nation! It's a work in progress but believe me- Sox on Fox tonight and we'll both be wearing our hats.


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