29 October 2007

Something that irks me...

Something that irks me... The perpetuation of unflattering clothing.
You can't tell me that model looks fashionable by any means. Part of the reason for home-sewing is to get clothes that fit you perfectly, unlike retail clothing that is mass produced (which most people should take to a tailor for altering, but do not). So why would anyone choose to perfectly fit a pair of pants that is inherently unflattering?

You would assume that someone who designs and sells patterns is part of the fashion industry. What part of the fashion industry says it's okay to let women buy this pattern? (According to the website it's "back in stock" and "available for immediate delivery," which leads me to believe it's pretty popular.) I'm sorry, but tapered ankles make your hips look wide. It may be an optical illusion. You may have perfectly reasonably sized hips and be proud of them. But is this really how you want to show them off? And that high waist! Waistbands are supposed to be below the belly button these days. Seriously. Stacy and Clinton grate on my nerves but sometimes they make good points, and two of those good points are tapered ankles and high-waisted pants. Whoever is responsible for this pattern is enabling bad fashion.

There's a reason the Mom Jeans bit from Saturday Night Live is still so funny. Because it's unfortunately true.


Laura said...

I dunno - I'm fairly sure that's an old pattern, perhaps reprinted, and I know Silhouette's newer stuff is more up-to-date fashionwise. There are still catalogs and discount stores that sell that kind of stuff, so why shouldn't a designer sell a pattern if it sells? I don't think it's the pattern designer's responsibility to force people to wear only current styles.

Linda said...

I couldn't agree with you more. If it is indeed a reprint, the least I would do is update the front photo.

Stephanie said...

Crimes of fashion should be stopped at the source. In this case it's whoever's supplying that pattern.


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