14 November 2007

Hipsters Are Wii

This post could also be called "Dorks R Us," subtitled "It fell off the back of a truck".

Mike's home now, after 6 weeks of working in the Middle East. We both took the day off from work yesterday to have a perfect day for us. First we walked into Walnut Creek for coffee at Peets. Then we decided to check out electronics prices at Target. We have many Target gift cards as wedding presents and we knew we wanted a new TV and a new Bose sound system for it. While we were there, though, we both confessed "I kinda want a Wii." We looked around. You can't buy them at stores right now; there's more demand than supply. So Mike looked around on Craigslist and Ebay and he made a couple phone calls. We made a plan to meet a guy in the parking lot of a Firestone tires with cash in 45 minutes.

We felt so shady, even though we are the whitest white kids in town, driving our Subaru station wagon (also white), casing an empy mall parking lot with a handful of cash. It felt like a drug deal, but like on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, with us feeling like entitled suburban white kids.

Then we catch up with the guy selling the Wii, and he's a perfectly nice gamer-geek kind of guy. We make deal, exchanging a wad of cash for a brand-new Wii, still in the original packaging and all.

But we didn't rush home right away to try it out. Our original plan for the day was to see The Darjeeling Limited, and we wanted to make a 1:30 show. We loved the movie. It's perfect for Wes Anderson-ophiles like us. (Attention Arrested Development fans: Jason Bateman and Michael Cera are in a new movie together called Juno. We saw the preview yesterday and it looks pretty funny.) We want to live in a Wes Anderson film.

After the movie we went home and tried to hook up the Wii. Unfortunately we are not 17-year-old potheads and it took several hours, including a call to Nintendo support, before it was all set to go. We only got in a couple rounds of bowling before it was time to head out again. (By the way, it's so much fun!) We were going to yoga but wanted to stop by Target first to actually use our gift cards. We bought a Bose sound system and the Wii Lego Star Wars game. (For the big TV we'll keep an eye on holiday sales prices and maybe even battle the crowds on Black Friday.)

I went to bed as soon as we came home from yoga but Mike wanted to set up the Bose. I dozed off to the sound of hobbits, so crystal clear it was as if they standing over the bed yelling in my ear. Yay sound! (LOTR is a perfect DVD to test your new sound system with)

So, that's a perfect day for dorks like us.

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Vicky said...

My arms are sore from the Wii. I love it. My MIL has one and Dom and I are now little Wii addicts.


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