09 November 2007

Green Is Universal ... Buy the DVD! ... Wait... Huh?

Even though I hate the Today show, since I have a girl crush on Ann Curry I had to tune in this week to see if she made it to the South Pole. She did! But I missed some of her segments. No worries! NBC is kindly packaging all of their "Ends of the Earth" segments into a handy DVD on sale for the low, low price of $29.95 (plus shipping and handling). Um, the last time I checked, DVD packaging isn't very green. Unless they're putting the disc in a simple cardboard sleeve made from recycled fibers. Somehow I don't think so, though. All the plastic and petroleum used in DVD packaging and shipping will negate any green efforts anyone was inspired to take (while watching their energy efficient GE televisions?).

(And while we're at it, how environmentally friendly is the practice of putting up the Rockefeller Christmas tree? Green programming is officially over. We can go on to be good lil holiday consumers now.)

I had to laugh at My Name Is Earl and 30 Rock last night with their obvious messages that this green programming was forced upon them. Earl and his fellow prisoners were planning a Scared Straight program and the warden made them include some positive green messages. But Earl thought that seemed obviously forced and off-message and didn't really fit into the theme of his Scared Straight script. And Tina Fey used the opportunity to point out that the whole green programming thing is an advertising gimmick.

At any time during green programming did NBC suggest that you reduce electricity usage by turning off the tv?


Vicky said...

Nicely done. I was so offended by the 'green' programming. It just seemed so phony and pushed. Sick. It was like- Hey! We know what sells right now- green! Green anything! Just say Green and it sells! Like those petroleum based lotions and baby washes that have green leaves on them. Or laundry detergent that smells 'natural'. AUGH!

Christina said...

Beautifully put!


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