01 November 2007


My stash-sewing skirts are coming along. Two are all finished. One just needs to be hemmed. Another has just been cut out. It feels good to be cutting fabric and throwing away the scraps. The lessening of the stash is probably imperceptable to anyone but me, but it's enough for me to know it's getting smaller.

Both skirts are New Look 6177, View C/D. This one to the left is two different brown cotton gauzes. For the main part and the upper flounce I used a chocolate brown, for the bottom flounce, obviously, a light brown. I added lace trim to make it a little flirtier.

The second skirt is two different cotton/poly blends, white-on-white Hawaiin floral prints. The bottom flounce is white cotton gauze.

I apologize for the lousy photos. I had no luck taking them of myself with the good camera, so I'm back to posing for the laptop camera. You can see larger images at flickr.

I'm trying to sew with Tim Gunn's basic wardrobe elements in mind. I like to think he'd approve of these as a sweatpants alternative. With an appropriate top and sandals of course.


piper of love said...

I wish I had time to sew! Just lovely!!

Piper of Love

Christina said...

Those are some fun little skirts! I'm with Piper of love, So wish I had the time to sew.

Anonymous said...

Hello Stephanie, greetings from Singapore. I really like your skirts, the gradual flare is so flattering. Very nice! Chor Yin.


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