08 November 2007

yoga is supposed to be relaxing

I took my first-ever yoga class last night. And I loved it. All the stretching felt great. I loved opening up and stretching out and balancing and all that. Plus I like animals, so downward dogs and upward cats are right up my alley. I slept great last night, totally relaxed. I can't wait to go back next week and hopefully bring Mike with me.

This morning I woke up feeling a little funny. My left side feels different. Not painful or achey in any way, but I'm definitely aware of my right side and left side feeling differently from each other. Is this what relaxation feels like? I'm not sure.

Today I had yet one more doctor's appointment for my medical clearance, most likely the last one. (How many times have I thought that though?) My blood pressure popped ridiculously high. It was 170-something and three weeks ago it was 120-something. The nurse said, "Well either you just had a big cup of coffee or you're stressed out over being here." "Both, actually," I said. All my relaxation has been wiped out by one stupid test that had to be re-done. And the lab says it's the doctor's office's fault, the doctor says it's the lab's fault. What it boils down to is this byzantine medical clearance procedure still isn't finish. I'd really like to close this chapter yet it remains open for a few more weeks.

And I really want to drink a bottle of wine tonight but I should probably do my newly learned yoga moves instead.

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CrankMama said...

Downward dog AND a bottle of wine sound great to me. Nothing like a bit of wine rushing to the head to take away the work-week blues.


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