11 December 2007

"Strikes and gutters"

How much Kahlua do you suppose we need to pack for two years' worth of The Big Lebowski viewings?

We are having highs: "Weee! Africa!"

And lows: "What if my malaria pills have gluten in them?"

There's a lot to take in and we're getting a slow leak of information, little by little, yet constant. Have you ever had to grocery shop 2 years in advance? Have you ever lived next to a lake filled with hippos? These are the thoughts that plague us now. (Actual plagues are among the least of my worries at this point.)

I've treated myself to a few items that I'd set aside in my mind as "Africa presents." I ordered a pair of Pucci rain boots from Zappos. (They just arrived while I was editing this post. Must end now and go try them on!) I stocked up on fabric and notions for sewing. I won't be able to zip down to the mall or downtown for clothes shopping. We have to bring 2 years' worth of clothing and shoes and "hobby supplies" with us. But you don't open it all up and start wearing it right away. You pack it away and when you get to Africa you pretend you don't have it. Then when you think, "Hmm, my Converse are wearing a little thin," instead of going to the shoe store you go into the closet and "shop" amongst the shoes you brought. Theoretically at least. I'm going to try to keep some of my stuff in its boxes in new condition so I'll have that new-clothes feeling.

Every little household thing I do now is accompanied by the thought "Will I be doing this differently in 6 months?"

That and "How much underwear should I buy for 2 years?"

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