29 January 2008

Afternoon Sugar Break

I'm on my Afternoon Sugar Break right now. Some time between 2:00 and 3:00 every afternoon my sweet tooth says, "I won't be ignored!" I've been sitting and working for a couple hours. I'm getting stir-crazy in the room. It's partly too easy but partly great rationale that I can wander around the hotel and end up in the dining room. There, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate is available 24 hours a day, for free! I'm such a caffeine and sugar junkie, how can I resist? The hot chocolate is terrible, but I make it palatable with Coffee-mate French Vanilla creamers. (I hate that stuff in my coffee, but love it in hot chocolate.)

I wanted to kill some more time on my little walk, so I stopped by the brochure stand to get some ideas of what to do this weekend. There's so much that we didn't see the last time we lived here and there's so much that we want to see and do again. And I love brochures. I have folders stuffed full of them from places I've never even visited, but always thought that I might want to someday (like the next time I'm in Salzburg, I should definitely check out the Mozart dinner theater--the brochure says it's amazing!).

Anyhoo, this is what you do to amuse yourself when you work from home and your home is a hotel. I should try to get some work done now that I'm buzzing from the sugar.

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