17 January 2008

I Am a Zombie

After two nightmarish days, the apartment is finally packed up and moved out. I honestly have no idea where our stuff is going to end up because what the movers were telling me and what Mike's employer was telling me were two completely different things. Everyone kept telling me to relax and that it would all work out, but the second I did that and let my guard down, it all went kerflooey. Thinking about the details gives me a headache, so I'm not sharing them.

I'm living in a pretty nice hotel. Right now I'm sitting in a lovely garden atrium, pretending to be an Important Business Person typing away on my laptop while I wait for housekeeping to finish up my room. I keep coming back in the early afternoon to nap and yesterday I got back before they went in and I asked them to please stay out. But today I need some clean towels and for my garbage to be taken out, after 2 afternoons and nights of being a hermit crab in there. Hence, amusing myself in an Important Business Person sort of way in the hotel garden. There are a few terribly annoying things about this hotel, but I'll save those for a later post. I've had too much negativity the last few days; I need to keep it light today.

Oh, I'm still in Walnut Creek and my flight to the East Coast is currently in flux. The people shipping the car won't show up now until Saturday, maybe Sunday, so instead of leaving on a jet plane first thing Sunday morning, I may be on the redeye Sunday night or leaving early Monday morning.

Despite the big comfy hotel bed, I'm still an exhausted zombie. I don't think I'll be well-rested until the car ships. That's the last thing on my plate of worry.

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