15 January 2008

Who Needs a Stairmaster When You've Got Actual Stairs

I've never actually used a Stairmaster. Maybe because I've never lived on the first floor so I don't really see the point. But man are my quads burning. I can't count the number of times in the last 24 hours I've gone up and down the 3 flights of stairs from my apartment to the ground. So instead of paying money for the gym, if you've got stairs nearby, why not walk up and down them? You get an extra workout when you're carrying stuff. You can't lift weights on a Stairmaster, but you can haul cases of wine up and bags of trash down actual stairs.

Movers are coming tomorrow. I'm at the point where I'm packing my suitcases for my flight and then letting everything else sort itself out. My brain is too fried for active organizing now and I'm physically exhausted, too. Whether stuff meets us in D.C. or Africa, we'll get it back somehow, some day. It's a lot of work to inventory your life and decide where it all goes.

I'm staring at a large pile of alcohol that will be going into storage and meeting us in Africa. I think I'm going to pilfer a gluten-free beer or two from the stash for later tonight. I've earned it.

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