27 February 2008

I'll Be Attending Fancy Parties?

Mike has informed me that I may need a ball gown, or an evening dress, or two (because I wouldn't want to wear the same one to every gala) while we're in Burundi. While browsing patterns today I saw this at Lanetz Living. It's a vintage 1960s pattern. Isn't it adorable? Wouldn't it be great in silk? And I could get little gloves, just like the girl in the illustration!

In other sewing news, I've been working on a plethora of small projects. Before leaving Walnut Creek I cut out several garments and I also packed up some UFOs (UnFinished Objects). My sewing machine has been whirring away and fabric is transforming from a pile in a box to pieces of clothing hanging in the closet. I've also been stocking up on tropical weight wools whenever I see them for a good price. Jackets and skirts, jackets and skirts. I have a dozen suits planned in my head.

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