27 February 2008

I Was Going To...

I was going to finish cutting out the muslin of a jacket pattern tonight, but Grendel has other plans.

I cut out a couple pieces this afternoon but then got busy with working, napping, and a pesky little necessity called eating. I didn't want to lay the fabric out and cut on the floor--I was trying to avoid cats stepping on it. The coffee table was the easiest flat surface to clear off and use. But it's small (the perspective is hard to judge in the photo because Grendel is so big and he likes to flatten out; he expands to the size of the surface he's sitting on). I have to cut pieces in small batches because I can only fit so many on the table top at one time. For the most part the cats ignored the coffee table all afternoon. But I woke up from a snooze and there was Grendel.

Mike's gone for a couple days, yet the hotel room still feels small.

I mentioned in my last post that I've actually been sewing. Photographic proof is here.


Lauren said...

Do you know yet when you leave for Africa? I wish you were staying in VA longer so you could teach me how to sew! I'm so impressed!

the girl said...

I'm really late to the party, as I just stumbled across your blog, but I thought I would add my two cents.

It's going to cost at least $200 to get your cat's teeth cleaned. Vets put them under general anesthesia and scale the teeth, either via laser or manual scraping/scaling. Yow!

The bad breath can also be caused by the type of food the cat eats--wet food is especially notorious for causing "death breath." :)

Had my dog's done in January...pricey, but so very worth it. Now I can actually breathe when I'm playing with him.


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