25 March 2008

Dilated Pupils

I got my pupils dilated at the eye doctor's today. With a family history of eye problems, the discomfort is a small price to pay to find out I'm still nearly blind and still have astigmatism, but my eyes are healthy. Yay healthy eyes! But boo wandering around disoriented.

Today we went to Costco--the perfect place to prepare for a move to Africa. We are brand-new members now that we've discovered it's so much more than ketchup and shampoo in bulk. (I feel uber-American now.) We got eye exams and extra pairs of glasses (and I got contacts for the first time in over 15 years!) and we got new all-terrain tires for the new-old 4Runner.

This morning I also had to get fingerprinted for my job in Burundi. It's inkless now you know, all done with scanners and computers. Pretty nifty.

And to further our excitement over traveling to East Africa, a friend sent us a link to the tour company she traveled with in Rwanda to see mountain gorillas, Bizidanny Tours and Safaris. Tomorrow night we're going to a talk on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. It's a good thing Mike and I will both be working, so we'll have enough money for all these excursions we're planning.

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