24 March 2008

Trail Running: Fountainhead Regional Park

A few weeks ago we drove down to Fountainhead Regional Park for some trail running in the brisk chilliness. This was the kind of wooded, hilly trail that brought back a lot of East Coast memories. Trails in California just aren't the same as the wooded East Coast trails. We were plodding along talking and not really paying attention to the time or the hills. Eventually we reached water, the Occoquan Reservoir, and we stopped to look and realized we'd been out for nearly and hour. And suddenly we remembered all the hills! So we decided to head back to the parking lot, plodding and shuffling up those hills.

We could hear a lot of birds out in the forest and at one point we came to an area where the trees were covered in black and the bird sounds were deafening. There were thousands of black birds perched in the trees and when they noticed us running toward them they started to take off! We felt bad because the trail we were on circled their patch of trees so they probably thought we were chasing them. We tried to slow down and be quieter and less threatening.

There are few services at this park, at least from what we could tell. We were there before the bathrooms opened for the season so I had to use the woods. One of the parking lots was closed as well and the trails weren't open to bikers yet. I can't remember if there was an entry fee or not. If there was, it was something like $5 per car.

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