06 March 2008

...A New Car!!

Wooo! Yaaaay! I'm jumping up and down and screaming as if I were on the Price is Right. A new car! Yippeeeeee!

Oh, wait.

It's new to us. It's actually an old beater. Yesterday Mike bought an '88 Toyota 4Runner for bringing to Africa. It's not exactly my dream car but there's something very endearing about it and for some reason it solidifies the fact that we're really making this move. (And I thought our Subaru was utilitarian; it's practically a luxury car compared to the 4Runner.)

The gas cap has a key lock, so no one can siphon our gasoline. (Which is something that hadn't occurred to me until Mike mentioned it.) The front passenger seat is stuck in one position, which is fine for me as the front passenger but will suck for anyone climbing into the back seat. It has a few dings and scratches, so a few more won't be a big deal. When you think rugged African countryside, this is one of the cars you think of. I don't quite feel like Ernest Hemmingway, but I do feel... cool.

My sweet new ride:

Oh, and I got the job I applied for in Bujumbura!


Vicky said...

So that's what cars looked like in the 80s... I had forgotten.

Stephanie said...

I forgot to mention one of the best features. It makes that annoying buzzing sound when you open the car door!

Sami-am said...

I wandered my way to your blog via Sew Retro. Props to you for your recent sewing busy-ness. I chortled my way through your post about Grendel's teeth, but i sympathize - cat breath is an underestimated killer. If you haven't checked them already, I would suggest Caring Hands Animal Hospital (www.caringhandsvet.com) in Arlington, VA. We take our cats to them and I really like them. Just a thought!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the vet recommendation! I think that's the same one our vet in California suggested, too.

Inder-ific said...

An old friend of mine has 1990 4-Runner. A great car! Not comfy, exactly, but perfect for off-roading, indestructable, great in the deserts of Nevada, and thus presumably the perfect thing for Eastern Africa! Also, his has like 250K miles on it and is still going strong, so they hold up! But be careful of those East Coast salted roads. Real winter. Ugh. ;-)

Lauren said...

Congratulations on the job!

lsaspacey said...

Congratulations on both!


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