08 May 2008

I Achieve Housekeeping. And Toilet Paper.

We're having a gathering of folks on Saturday night which means we have to clean the house (or, rather, the apartment). We are lazy house cleaners. It seems like there's always something better to do. (We can't wait to get to Burundi, where we'll have domestic help!) On Monday I had to start battle with the cat fur. I put on my Achiever t-shirt and vacuumed the hell out of the wall-to-wall carpeting. And I did the same think yesterday. Today I'll dust and clean the bathroom so that on Saturday I just need to give everything a brief once-over.

I've also been surprisingly organized about food and drink for this event. We actually wrote down a menu and from that I made two different shopping lists--one for perishables and one for non-perishables.

You know what? This post is kind of bland. What I really want to say is that I hate toilet paper commercials. They are so stupid, trying to turn your brand of toilet paper into some sort of lifestyle choice. Bears going to the bathroom are not cute. They're just bears going to the bathroom. And I just saw a new commercial that I thought might be for hair care products, moisturizer, or perhaps the stylishness of cotton. Nope, toilet paper. It's toilet paper! I also believe that feminine sanitary product commercials are stupid. We don't need commercials for these products. Choosing one tampon over another doesn't make you cool and a particular toilet paper doesn't make you a better mother.

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