09 May 2008

I Sewed!

(Also posted at Sew Retro)

I've finally gotten around to not just finishing something, but taking pictures of it too. I bought this pattern from Lanetz Living a few months ago.

The waistband is supposed to be made from elasticized grosgrain ribbon, according to the instructions. But I couldn't find any of that (I'd never heard of it before!) so improvised with elasticized belting. It's not too stretchy, but stretchy enough. It's sort of stretched out and settled on my hips now.

I love the pockets and the piecework. This would be fun to try with stripes and create chevrons.

I cut out and sewed the longer version, thinking the short one would be way too short for work. But after the elastic settled on my hips the longer one was way too long. I chopped it off to the shorter length and did a narrow hem so it's now the perfect knee length.

I made this as a wearable muslin with a cotton from Repro Depot. I'd like to make it again with some tamer, conservative, office-wear fabrics. I may adjust the waist to using a zipper instead of the elastic though. Finding that elastic is difficult.

(Click on photos to enlarge them or see them on my flickr page.)

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