05 June 2008

My Own Puffy Sleeves

They may not be the Princess Puffysleeviest, but they're there and they're all mine.

I've been working on a suit and I'm almost finished with the jacket. I put the sleeves in this morning and I am in love with them. I just had to take a few moments to share. Yesterday I assembled the sleeves and Mike can tell you, I was tickled by them. Perhaps more tickled than someone should be over sleeves. Now that they're successfully in the jacket I'm totally over the moon.

The suit is a navy blue tropical wool, a first-time jacket pattern (I made a muslin several months ago) and a tried-and-true skirt pattern. I'll post more details once it's complete. I am in a sewing frenzy, trying to get quite a few projects done before we leave in two months. I plan on a second suit with the same jacket and skirt in a light gray tropical wool, but I think I'll wait and make that once I'm in Africa. I want to concentrate on blouses and other skirts to go with the jacket and some casual clothes. More time sewing, less time snapping pics and blogging about it.

Speaking of Africa and clothes, Victoria's Secret is having a sale and I went a little click-happy at their website this morning. I'm satisfied that I now have at least two years' worth of underwear. Most of it is in flamingo pink, since that was a big clearance color. It will be cheery.


Vicky said...

You amaze me with your sewing skilz! That jacket is so pretty!!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you!!


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