04 June 2008

Zoom Zoom

We bought an espresso machine over the weekend. Burundi produces some of the best coffee in the world and we want to take full advantage of it. We've been practicing every afternoon when Mike gets home from French class. Today I made it for the first time and mine was tastier than Mike's, so he has dubbed me the house barista. I'm slow though, because the machine is so complicated and I don't want to break anything. (It will suck if it breaks in Burundi so we are proceeding with caution as we figure out this thing.) Yesterday Mike made mocha. I think I'd like to try espresso over ice cream. Yum.

An espresso machine is one of those things I always figured I could easily live without -- until I actually got one and realized how superfantastic it is.

Espresso Experiments = Sleepless Nights = More Espresso

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