02 June 2008

We Have Reservations

Mike confirmed our flight reservations today. We really are leaving for Burundi soon! The only kind of reservations we have are for the flight though; we're thrilled to be on our way.

This weekend we took the car to New Jersey to get it registered there in Mike's dad's name. He's keeping the car for us while we're in Burundi. We love it too much to sell and storing it would be expensive. Our little car looks so sad with New Jersey plates instead of California plates.

I'm anxiously awaiting the letter from my doctor in San Francisco allowing me to get my vaccinations. She faxed it to me before mailing the original but she sent it through the fax machine upside-down, so I received a blank page. By the time I could call her to ask her about it, she had already mailed it. Not a huge deal, since I wouldn't have been able to get my vaccinations over the weekend anyway, but it would have been nice to preview the letter to make sure it's absolutely correct before she mailed it.

It feels like we're on a farewell tour. I spent that week in Rhode Island with family and hope to get back for a few days; we spent last weekend with Mike's dad and will be going back once more. The next two weekends we're spending with friends. We have a lot of good-byes to say over the next few weeks.

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