29 July 2008

Fatigue and Good-byes

We're tired. Again last night we didn't sleep well, but that's just one small part of it.

We're tired of living transitionally. We're tired of waiting to move. We're tired of all our belongings being in storage. Living in D.C. has been fun but we're tired of taking advantage of the fun stuff. Our stomachs are tired of so much restaurant food.

We're tired of dealing with the airlines and the cats. Why is it so hard and why won't customer service actually serve customers?

We're tired of all the errands. We're tired of doctor and dentist and vet appointments. And they're not finished yet. We have something scheduled for nearly every day from now until we leave, either shopping or a visit to some sort of waiting room.

We haven't even started packing yet. That will be a different kind of tired next week.

I'm not tired of saying good-bye though. I still have a little glow leftover from our weekend in Rhode Island. A friend from high school was in D.C. visiting last weekend. Last night we had dinner with my aunt, my cousin, her husband, and their brand-new, two-weeks-old-tomorrow baby girl. The next time I see her she's going to look a lot different. Sometimes the actual travel is a chore and the time that visiting takes away from the moving preparations causes a tinge of anxiety, but actually making that connection with people has become important to me. I don't want to zoom out of town and say good-bye with a mass email. I want to say good-bye in person.

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