31 July 2008

The Last Day

It's not the last day we're in the United States, but it's Mike's last day of French class and my last day of work. There's no turning back now! We have to move to Burundi because that's where our jobs are.

I'm going to miss my job. I've been doing it for so many years now it's a daily habit. And a good one. I like my job. And I'm leaving it under such unusual circumstances. I'm not fired or quitting because I'm unhappy. I'm not outgrowing it and moving on to a bigger and better position. I'm not leaving to have kids. When I moved across the country they let me telecommute, so even when I left the city I didn't leave the job.

I'm ending the job now because, I guess, this particular job is an inconvenience for me to keep doing in Burundi. We won't have reliable internet in our house which makes the job impossible to do. Work is an inconvenience. What a crazy notion.

I think I'm going to feel like I'm just on vacation from my job until I wake up in Burundi to my new life. It hasn't quite hit me yet that tomorrow's going to be any different from any other Friday.

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