21 July 2008

Home Again, Home Again...


We're home from our long weekend in Rhode Island. And our even longer train ride home. The weekend was great--sun, sand, surf, happy kids running around, happy grown-ups chatting and eating good food. We picked a good weekend to go. So many of my family members were in town for summer vacation that we got to have one last visit with a lot of people.

The train ride home was not the perfect ending to a perfect weekend though. We got on near the beginning of the line, in Kingston, Rhode Island (the train starts in Boston and I think there are 2 or 3 stops before Kingston), and the train was already 10 minutes late.

And crowded. The only two seats we found together were a table in the club car. We were okay with that. For a while it was so novel to be sitting at a table. Mike spread out his French stuff and studied. We could eat and drink without fear of spilling in our laps.

But the train kept getting later and later. It stopped to rescue some passengers from a local train that had broken down just north of New Haven. It proceeded to make the rest of the local stops until New Haven. Then in New York and Philadelphia the trains were single-tracked, so we were just sitting there not moving. We were supposed to get in around 9:30 last night. We got home at midnight.

Today we're exhausted from our 9 hours of sitting. Mike's at class this morning and I'll be working this afternoon but as far as our Burundi preparations go, we're on vacation for one more day.

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