24 July 2008

The Last September You'll Ever See

The newest, albeit lame, James Bond flick? No. It's what Mike and I were discussing on an early run this morning (which we grudgingly dragged ourselves out of bed for). The heat and humidity have lifted in D.C.--temporarily at least. When we stepped outside I remarked that it kind of felt like September rather than the oppressive August weather we've been having. Mike said "Enjoy it while you can," and it dawned on me that soon we'll be leaving behind seasons as we know them. Instead of spring, summer, winter, and fall, we'll have steady temperatures with dry, less dry, wet, and wetter seasons. (When do I need to plant my pumpkin seeds in order to have jack o'lanterns for Halloween?)

We're still running around shopping like crazy.

This weekend we start our malaria pills, an affair that will last until four weeks after we finally leave Burundi.

Next week we're squeezing in as many "one last visits" with local friends as possible.

We tackled my family last weekend and will tackle Mike's on our last weekend.

Our last week is all scheduled with the cats' vet appointments and our packout dates. (Yesterday I was insane with panic because none of those dates were set yet; today it's all taken care of.)

It's about this time in the moving process that I've learned to turn on autopilot and just read my calendar and do what it tells me without thinking too much. Could it be I'm finally getting used to this?

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