09 July 2008

Soft Foods

My tooth extraction went better than I expected it to yesterday. After six pokes in five different spots, the doctor finally got the anesthesia IV into me. "That's weird," is not something you want your doctor to say while he's poking you with needles, but that's what he said, several times. Despite my veins being large and close to the surface he just couldn't get the needle in properly. I agreed that that is weird, because no one ever has any trouble drawing blood from me. Eventually he got it though and I dozed off. When I woke up a little while later it was all done. It was apparently a very easy extraction and I was a good patient. I rested for a few minutes, dusted some bloody tooth pieces off my shirt (the nurse acted like that was normal, so I didn't worry), and then Mike appeared to take me home.

They gave me novocain on top of the anesthesia. Luckily the novocain gave Mike plenty of time to get my pain reliever prescription from CVS. The pain reliever is pretty mild, and the pain is milder than I expected. I'm seeping a normal amount of blood, no gushing. I'm not nauseous from any of the drugs. By the time the novocain wore off I was quite hungry. Since I was approved a soft foods diet rather than all liquid I dove into a bowl of hot cereal, then nibbled some cheese. Mike made me a fruit smoothie before I went to bed (and there's enough left over for breakfast this morning).

I certainly feel better than I thought I would. Not great, but not terrible. I slept through one of my pain pills last night and I take it as a good sign that I wasn't in enough pain to wake up for it. I told Mike I feel good enough to probably putter around the house today and return a few work emails. But I'm supposed to get three more vaccinations today and I'm going to put those off until tomorrow or Friday. I'm in no mood to walk around and talk to people and then get stuck with more needles.

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