11 September 2008

Gecko Rescue

Our home has become the home for disabled geckos. It's also the home where the geckos are becoming disabled. Ellie has figured out that the front door is a high-traffic area for the little critters and she waits there every night for them to come inside. One night I noticed a tail-less gecko scurrying across the wall. The next night I nearly stepped on one that was mostly dead. It was the same color as the carpet and I didn't see it at first. It was also tail-less. It was just barely breathing, so I picked it up and moved him outside to a garden. On other nights geckos haven't been so lucky. One ran under the carpet and when Mike got up from bed to see what the cats were so exited about, he ended up stepping on the spot where the gecko was. Ellie cornered one in the bathroom and played with it until it was an ex-gecko. I've noticed that the larger they are, the more likely they are to escape-- tail-less of course, but the tails grow back.

I have a little gecko that lives in my office. He must be getting used to me because he's spending more time out of hiding and he's venturing closer and closer to my desk.

Geckos eat mosquitoes, so I'm happy to let them stick around

1 comment:

Victoria said...

I had a pet gecko once- augustus octavius. Prententious, no? He died of starvation and his food ate him. Yup.


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