08 September 2008

Hippo Sighting!

I saw my first hippo on Saturday! Just a glimpse, really. Mike's boss took us sailing on Lake Tanganyika and as we were approaching the marina on the way home, a hippo popped up between us and the beach. Mike missed it unfortunately, but his boss saw it and immediately we turned around. When a hippo blocks your path, you turn around and wait for it to move out of the way. Especially when you're in a sailboat and the combined weight of the boat and passengers is still less than half what the hippo weighs.

After our sailing adventure we sat at the bar at Cercle Nautique watching for more hippos. We didn't see any, but I did notice what I think is a monitor lizard walk across the mud and into some grass.

I love all the animals here!

1 comment:

Mike said...

Don't forget the pied kingfisher or the hammerkop...


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