01 September 2008

Rainy Season Preview

The rains are early! We were told not to expect them until mid-September at the earliest, but it's downpouring as I type. The first big storm came in last Tuesday night and it was a spectacular thunderstorm. Since then it's rained every day but one. But it only rains for a short time. Just hope you're not outside when that rain starts.

More pictures are going up, slowly but surely. Click here.

Today we went to the Musee Vivant, a little natural history museum here in Bujumbura. It's essentially cages and enclosures of crocodiles and snakes looking very sad. For two dollars each we had a private tour, including the guide scratching a large croc on the back with a stick to make it open its mouth wide for us and him taking a snake from the cage and wrapping it around my neck. He also poked at a cobra to make it puff up and do its cobra thing. (Pics of all that to follow in a few days!) The first display cage you see is the guinea pigs they keep stocked for feeding the snakes. Yay nature! I might have paid double admission if they let me watch the snake feeding. Maybe next time.

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